Wig Hire UK

Formerly rbwigcreations

1. Why do I need to pay on order?

All items need to be paid for before despatch and also ensures the booking or item. This saves chasing up and any confusion.

2.Why do I need to sign a damage guarantee when I hire?

Hand made wigs are very expensive and the hire cost does not cover the remake of a damaged wig .This would be passed on to you. This helps to guarantee that care is used when handling the wigs.

3. Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Deposits are payable for first time private clients i.e for fancy dress or parties.

They are not usually required for theatre companies or repeat solo hirers. Deposits are also used to ensure prompt returns within the hire period. They are always returned immediately on safe receipt of the item.

4. How do I return the hired items and what do I do if the wig is not right on arrival?

All hire items MUST be returned on the first posting day (usually Monday) after the last performance or usage if private. It is a condition of hire that returns are sent by SPECIAL DELIVERY. We send the orders out a few days before requirement of use (except emergency orders of course) and if the wig is not right we can offer an alternative. You MUST contact us as soon as you receive the item/s to allow us to do this. Wigs that are deemed not suitable must be returned and received before the end of a show run or usage date to enable to consider a refund or credit note as this helps to prove item was not used in show run or shoot.

5. What happens if I want to return a wig I bought?

Wigs may only be returned under exceptional circumstances, unused and unpacked due to hygienic reasons. Statutory rights are not affected. DSR applies.

Hired wigs are a different matter as they are always thoroughly cleansed before they are hired out again.

6. How do I clean the lace part of a wig or beard/moustache?

Take two cotton wool balls and damp one of them with acetone, nail varnish remover or special lace cleaning solution. Place the dry ball under the lace and gently wipe the make up off on the other make up stained side. Be careful not to rip the lace. Do not get the acetone on fibre wigs as it may dissolve the fibre. Full instructions are provided.

7. How do I put on a wig?

After putting your hair up in equal small sections and gripping them, cover the head with a wig cap stocking top (the wide part of a leg from tights will do) Hold the wig at the sides and put on at the front pulling it down over the back. Bring the sides forward and fine pin the sides into the cap. If you want to glue the lace, use only spirit gum and apply to the skin then press together with a damp piece of cotton wool covered in a small piece off a pair of old tights. Full instructions are provided.

8. How do I put on a moustache or beard?

Use the same principle as attaching wig lace. Full instructions are provided.

9. How do I remove the lace from the skin?

Gently peel away holding the skin. Full instructions are provided.

10. What do I do to maintain the wig?

Try to keep the wig on a block and cover with a soft chiffon type scarf or a net. If not then lay gently on its back. Full wig care instructions are provided.

If a wig needs a redress then you may use normal or hot rollers only. Do not use curling tongs. It is advisable to have someone with hair experience looking after the wigs. NEVER cut the wig or lace. You will be charged.

11. Why are your charges less than others?

I am not based in London and my workshop is out of the city. This entails less overheads of which I pass on the saving to you. I am a small sole trader. This does not in any way compromise my quality.

12. Do you give discounts?

Discounts are given for various reasons. Constant repeat orders, large orders and for extra weeks. Sometimes discounts are given on sales for more than one product.

13. Why am I given a password?

I give you a password on confirmed orders for security reasons. Therefore any contact by telephone from me will state the password so you know it is from a genuine caller.

14. What is your full address ?

I receive many spam emails and I provide full address details on the Invoice which is provided to you BEFORE any payment is required from you.