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Thank you so much for the beautiful wigs which were perfectly in period, blended well with the dressed hair of the other actors and looked very natural to the audience, who were very close to the action. They appreciated the lightness and fit of the wigs and all was well. We would most certainly want to use your services in the future because of the quality of your work.

Best wishes, Alexa. Lustleigh Drama Group.

Thank you so much for the fantastic wigs you sent us for Les Mis. I sent them back to you today special delivery so hopefully they will be with you in the morning. They were stunning and really made a huge difference to the show. I will send you some photographs of them when I get them back from the official photographer.

Lynn Quelch. Costume House.

The moustache and beard arrived safely this morning. They are absolutely great - thank you so much. I shall definitely be in touch sometime in the New Year for further things.

David Lambert. Theatre Royal, Norwich.

Your wig expertise is quite unrivalled ---and --Bonds loved the bonnet when I took it to show them.
Regards Jackie Renton.

Received the wig yesterday thank you and it is fantastic! Especially the colour. It is exactly what we need.
David Richards, East Markham Operatic Society

Thank you very much for the mutton chops that I received today, these were very much better than the ones I saw at Charles Fox in London which were priced way above the ones you sold me. I will look the part now, and feel very much the character of the 1820 Peeler. Hope to send you some pictures.
Yours sincerely,
John Atkinson. November 2007
The Mutton Chops went down a treat I have had several of my friends ask for your name, number and e-mail address, so I hope you get some orders. I have been looking at you wigs and wondered if you do 2446 in brown. Do you do a very long grey/black wig I want to plate it in a long quill for Royal Navy 1805? All the best John. Private Sale. December 2007

Jon and I got back safely with Dolly and Carol in toe. First time I've ever had a return train journey without any problems.

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you have done. The dress is completing stunning as is the wig. Thanks for your hospitality and time you spent showing us around, arranging the B&B for us, taking us there and collecting us yesterday - you are a kind and generous young cub! Also big thanks for the shoes - this was a wonderful gift to the show and I am extremely grateful for your generosity. I will make sure there are lots of pictures and I'll send you some after the show. Thanks also for letting us borrow the jewellery and waistcoats, which I will return after the show.

I'm so glad I stumbled across your website a few weeks ago and we got to meet. I hope in the future that you keep doing show work and I'll be able to give you some more work.

The discounted price you gave us was such a charitable and kind thing on your part and I will acknowledge your generosity and work in the programme.

Once again thanks so much for everything you have done and let's stay in touch. Hope to speak to you soon.

Lots of love
David xx
David Somerville Presents. Glasgow.

The wig arrived safe and sound. Its fab and looks absolutely gorgeous on. The dress is not quiet finished so can't get the full effect as yet but I'm sure it will be just perfect. I'm so pleased you could produce what we wanted for so little money. Maybe next time (I'm sure there will be a next time) they will be more funds in the pot. Many thanks again for your wonderful work
Kind Regards
Deborah. Newsome House. February 2008


Wigs are beautiful and arrived in good shape after their journey.

I have a couple of idiotic questions to ask. We have never had wigs of this quality before and so you must excuse my ignorance.

The coloured wig with the flesh coloured netting is fantastic... I presume that I use the spirit gum simply to stick the netting to the skin where it does not lie totally flat, at the sides of the head. Sorry if this is a completely mad question.

The white wig is also beautiful.. Can I use spirit gum on the net as on the coloured wig and then mask the whiteness of the net with make up. I am scared of doing this without asking as do not want to stain the net in any way. Also if this is acceptable, is there a cleaner you would recommend to remove the make up from the netting afterwards.

Thanks for your attention.

Hazel Osmond The Rivals. West Riding, Stocksfield. Yorkshire.

Attached is a photo of our Fagin. We had a great week and many thanks to you for supplying a superb wig...Many thanks and Best wishes,


The wigs are fabulous and look stunning on the stage - Thank you, Regards

Jacquie Arnott. Portchester Players.

Dear Arbee I received the wig this morning, it is absolutely fabulous

Thank you so much

Angela, Anything Goes. March 2008 Essex.

Thank you for such a lovely wig and great service, everyone said how fabulous I looked.
My husband even thinks it suited me better than my own hair!
I have attached some pictures please let me know if you require any more.
Many Thanks, Angela Phillips. Hope Harcourt in Anything Goes.

Dear Arbee
My wig arrived safely.
I have to say it is superb. Bright, blonde,stylish and overwelming. My costume is being modified so I can not wait to have it back and try out the whole lot.
I have fouught shy of real hair wigs as I have about four and they are all lifeless and characterless. Your wig which Jackie has is much better. I will try to identify what style I want and then come back to you. I have loads of failure wigs, and I guess most trannies do.
Thank you so much. I will send photos whaen I have some good ones.
Love Sara.

Many thanks again - the wig looked great - it was perfect & and a perfect fit.

Regards Jacquie Arnott. Portchester Players.

Hi, Fab bonnet ... goes perfectly with my new Victorian dress as planned -- finally got rid of the visitors and had a chance to try it last night
Yes, I did try it on with the new wig. Perfect with my new Victorian dress. A beautiful thing. thickens things? I didn't have a wig that filled the space like a bun style might - I have never found a technique with any of my wigs, with or without add-on pieces, that works well as a bun.
Danielle Daniels. Private Bonnet. February 2008

The panto was a great success and the Giants wig part of it!
The wig and beard worked perfectly and gave presence to the character. I attach a couple of photos.Many thanks Des. Desmond George. Aberdyfi Players.January 2008

Thanks for the wig and beard - excellent quality. Will send production photo later. at Bedstone Bedstone College. February 2008

The show was a fantastic success and the wig was an absolute, total, 100% show stopper! It went down a storm - I really can't begin to tell you what a reaction I got from the audiences when I made my final appearance as Tammy! They haven't released any photos as yet as they didn't want to 'spoil' the surprise but now that the shows down they will do so and I'll definitely send some through to you as (though I say so myself) I looked amazing!

Can't thank you enough and have already packed the box ready for posting to you tomorrow morning (for arrival Tuesday). Martin Buttery.